Glass Cutting

Ace has you covered when it comes to untempered glass for picture frames, windows, door panes, and whatever else you need your glass for.

Free Mulch Deliveries

That's right, no bag minimums, no extra fees, as free as it gets.  All we ask is you don't order if you're out of the area, local Palm Harbor addresses only.  If you aren't a local customer then contact your local Ace about deliveries, most Ace stores offer some sort delivery option for customers.

Paint Mixing & Color Matching

Here at Ace we are proud to offer a wide selection of different colors from both our own palettes and our competition's. Plus color matching is available to help when you need to get more specific with what color you want.

Propane Fills & Exchanges

We offer a variety of different options for propane from filling propane cylinders and RVs, new cylinders pre-purged and ready for propane, and propane exchanges for your convenience.

Helpful Services

Key Cutting & Chip Key Programming

Key cutting services we guarantee for life, chip key programming for most major brands, and a large selection of different key blanks at our disposal to service you.

Stihl Repairs

Experienced Stihl Certified techs are here and ready to provide you the honest helpful tips and repairs to keep your units running healthy.

Special Orders

As an independent business, Ace Hardware of Palm Harbor has the freedom to carry any products we want and special order thousands of unique products for you.  Products that you can't get at any big boxes stores, and we can be held accountable if you have any problems with your orders or products unlike the big online stores.