And there are hundreds of more brands still available through our national partners offering thousands of unique products you can have shipped or special ordered directly to our store or you.

Nobody would probably believe you if you told them the original Weber Kettle grill started out as a buoy sitting in the Weber Brothers factory. George Stephen got the idea that he could make a grill out the buoy by cutting the bottom off of the buoy, adding legs, and air vents to create the revolutionary grill design that would shape the grilling industry forever.  Weber to this day continues to integrate innovative new designs and features into every grill they manufacture.  Ace Hardware of Palm Harbor is proud to offer the Weber line of grills here along with exclusive colors only available through Ace. 


Since it's introduction to the market in 1926 Stihl has dominated the outdoor tool market being the world's best selling brand in outdoor lawn equipment.  Treasured by contractors, lawn care crews, and homeowners for their rugged reliability and phenomenal power.  Here at Ace Hardware of Palm Harbor we are proud to carry, service, and repair Stihl units right here in our repair shop, and while we carter mostly to homeowners with our main lineup, we can order any model of Stihl unit a customer desires. 

Based on the traditional kamados from Japan, the Big Green Egg takes all of the major advantages of the kamados and upgrades them with modern materials and more advanced precision in temperature control.  Every Egg is built right here in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  The air tight ceramic shell which encases each Egg allows it to reach higher temperatures then traditional grills, yet allows it to retain the moisture in the food you're cooking.  With versatility only matched by an oven, the Big Green Egg truly offers the ultimate grilling experience.

 Featured Brands

Valspar has been in the paint business for over 200 years, in that time they have become one of the largest paint companies on the planet, offering quality products like Cabot stains, Valspar paints and primers, and premium floor coatings such as DeckCorrect.   Valspar also offers two paints through Ace Hardware exclusively, high value Aspire paint & primer with EverLuxe formulations that provide the consistently ultra smooth long lasting finishes you want and premium quality Optimus paint & primer with OptiColor Pigment technology offers the most durable finishes in the industry while still providing that flawless finish and rich color you want, both use zero VOC formulas that won't bother end users with overpowering scents. And like all Valspar paints, the Color Guarantee is available just in case that color doesn't match your expectations.

Craftsman, America's most trusted tool brand can not only be found at Sears but Ace as well now.  Featuring some of the most aggressive handtool warranties and quality products on the market, Craftsman has built it's entire reputation around the customer and always putting them first over everything else.  Which is why the Ace/Craftsman partnership makes so much sense, because here at Ace we operate on that very same principle; and the Craftsman warranty is honored at Ace Hardware of Palm Harbor, so long as we have the replacement product in stock.